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Terramycin is used to treat infections caused by bacteria.
Active Ingredient: Tetracycline
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Other names of Terramycin:
Clémycine, Cyclutrin, Imperacin, Oxitetraciclina, Oxymycin, Oxytetracyclinum, Terramicina, Tetracyn, Vagamycin,
Terramycin 250mg
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  • Indications
    Terramycin diffuses promptly through the placenta into the fetal flow, into the pleural liquid and, under a few circumstances, into the cerebrospinal liquid. It seems, by all accounts, to be gathered in the hepatic framework and discharged in the bile, with the goal that it shows up in the dung, and in addition in the pee, in a naturally dynamic structure. To lessen the advancement of medication safe microbes and keep viability of Terramycin IM and other antibacterial medications, Terramycin IM is utilized just to treat or avoid contaminations that are ended up being or firmly suspected to be brought on by powerless microscopic organisms. Whenever society and weakness data are accessible, they ought to be considered in selecting or changing antibacterial treatment. Without such information, nearby the study of disease transmission and vulnerability examples may add to the empiric determination of treatment.
    Photosensitivity showed by an overstated sunburn response has been seen in a few people taking tetracyclines. Patients well-suited to be presented to direct daylight or bright light ought to be exhorted that this response can happen with tetracycline medications, and treatment ought to be ceased at the first proof of skin erythematic. The antianabolic activity of the tetracyclines may bring about an increment in BUN. While this is not an issue in those with ordinary renal capacity, in patients with essentially debilitated capacity, higher serum levels of this medication may prompt azotemia, hyperphosphatemia, and acidosis. The item contains sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate which serves as a cancer prevention agent. Upon oxidation, this compound can frame a potential sulfating operator. Sulfating specialists may bring about hypersensitive sort responses including anaphylactic manifestations and life-debilitating or less serious asthmatic scenes in certain powerless individuals. The general predominance of sulfite affectability in the overall public is obscure and most likely low. Sulfite affectability is seen more regularly in asthmatic than in no asthmatic individuals.
    Important Safety Information
    In the event that renal weakness exists, even normal oral or parenteral measurements may prompt inordinate systemic collection of the medication and conceivable liver poisonous quality. Under such conditions, lower than normal aggregate measurements are demonstrated and, if treatment is drawn out, serum level determinations of the medication may be fitting. This danger is of specific significance in the parenteral organization of tetracyclines to pregnant or baby blues patients with pyelonephritis. At the point when utilized under these circumstances, the blood level ought not to surpass 15 mcg/ml and liver capacity tests ought to be made at regular interims. Other possibly hepatotoxic medications ought not to be recommended correspondingly.
    Side Effects

    There may be some major issues where it is reflected with the side effects of the Terramycin. This is because there is something which makes up for the people. Other than this, there are stiff chances for local irritation as well as the gastrointestinal diseases, which will be making up with the effects. Some other side effects may be caused on the skin along with hypersensitivity. However there should not be any more side effects.