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Omnicef is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, such as acute flare-ups of chronic bronchitis, middle ear infections, throat and tonsil infections, pneumonia, sinus infections and skin infections.
Active Ingredient: Cefdinir
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Other names of Omnicef:
Addcef, Adinir, Aldinir, Cednir, Cefdinirum, Cefdir, Cefida, Ceflosil, Cefnil, Ceftanir, Ceftinex, Cefzon, Cefzone, Kefnir, Palcef, Samnir, Sefdin,
Omnicef 300mg
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  • All about Omnicef

    This is an effective antibiotic that belongs to the group of cephalosporin drug family. It eradicates the bacterial infections from the body and keeps you in a healthy state.
    Different types of bacteria can be treated by this effective antibiotic and that is why it is one of the most recommended antibiotics by the doctors.
    The considerations before taking Omnicef
    You need to take care of allergies that you may have because of some of the components of this antibiotic.
    In certain diseases, this medicine should be avoided. We shall be having both of this in detail ahead in this medical guide.
     Which components of this medicine can cause allergies?
    Make sure you exhibit no signs of allergies to the following antibiotics:
    • Cefdinir
    • Cephalosporin

    Also avoid the medicine if you take probenecid or any vitamin or mineral supplements having iron.

    In which diseases, I should avoid this antibiotic?
    If you suffer from the diseases related to intestine, kidney or if you have diabetes, you will not be prescribed this antibiotic.
    In case of pregnancy
    Omnicef is not seen to be harmful to the expecting mothers. Nursing mothers may or may not have any effect of this medicine adversely because the results are not known on the women who breast feed their child.
    In either case, one must inform the doctor before taking this medicine.
    How to take this medicine?
    A medicine as strong as Omnicef, needs to be taken in proper dosage. Do take medical advice before taking this and follow the instructions mentions on the label of the medicine.
    You need to ensure that full medication course is completed. If not, the infection may reappear that too in very dreadful form. In fact, the disease may become drug resistant too.
    What if I miss the dosage?
    In case, you are on antibiotics, do not forget to take your medicine on time. That will not only get you a speedy recovery but also complete and safe eradication of disease in ensured too.
    In case, if you miss it, take the time cue. If it is the time for your next dose, skip it; otherwise take the medicine as soon as you remember.
    Leaving the course in between can make the infection more severe and deadly.
    What are the possible side effects?
    If you notice swelling or difficulty in breathing, immediately seek out for help.
    Some of the serious side effects are:

    • Diarrhea
    • Jaundice
    • Fever
    • Sore throat
    • Headache along with severe blistering,
    • Convulsions
    • Chest pain
    • Red skin rash

    You should tell your doctor about the medicine that you are taking prior to starting this medication. Be it an herbal medicine or some supplement, your doctor must have the complete knowledge about that.
    Can it treat the viral diseases?

    Being an antibiotic, it cannot treat the diseases that are caused by virus. To have an effective recovery, use the medicine for the diseases that are caused by specific reasons.