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Minocycline is used for treatment of certain infections.
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Minocycline 50mg
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  • A Complete Guide of Minocycline
    In medical terms, Minocycline is basically considered as prescription bacteriostatic antibiotic which falls under the class of broad range medications called, tetracycline antibiotics. This medication is actually administered to treat conditions of pneumonia and a variety of infections that are responsible for impacting the respiratory tract of human.
    This drug is also prescribed for the treatment of infections of skin, rectal, genital, and urinary tract. The drug is widely prescribed today to acne patients and to eliminate the bacteria causing meningitis in patients, a type of infection that is caused due to the swelling of tissues in brain. This medication works to impede the expansion and spreading of bacteria in body. This drug is administrated basically to impede the expansion of a variety of bacterial infections.
    Facts about Minocycline
    This is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is prescribed to treat acne. This drug also helps patients to stay healthier by making their immune system stronger. There are no side effects associated when it is administered to treat acne issues. Minocycline is not phototoxic in nature and hence patients can be exposed to sunlight after having the medication to treat bacterial infections, unlike tetracycline which is a phototoxic drug.
    Important information about The Drug
    Breastfeeding and pregnant women must avoid taking this drug. Moreover, people who are taking birth control pills must also avoid this medication as it may make the pills less effective to control birth. This medication can also affect the bone and tooth development in a nursing baby. So, consulting your doctor before taking this drug is very important. Avoid taking this drug with supplement, calcium supplements, multivitamins, laxatives and antacids.
    Minocycline and Pregnancy
    It is strictly restricted drug for all pregnant and nursing women. It is a FDA Pregnancy Category D medication which indicates that it is quite dangerous for the fetus. It is also dangerous for nursing women to consume this drug to treat any bacterial infections. Doctors prescribe other safer option to such women. Regardless of the condition, it is necessary to consult your doctor before consuming this medication.
    Interactions with Other Drugs
    It is very essential for the patients to share the information about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs they are taking. Patients must avoid taking this drug in combination with other medications like:

    • Soriatane
    • theracrys, BCG Live Interavesical.

    Precautions to Take
    Patients must avoid taking this drug if they are allergic to similar antibiotics. Doctors will always evaluate the condition of gonorrhea before prescribing this medication to treat the condition. In the test the doctor will determine if the patients are having syphilis or other STD. You must consult your doctor before using this drug, especially if you have diseases like:

    • liver disease
    • asthma kidney disease
    • sulfite allergies

    Side Effects Associated with Minocycline
    Some of the common side effects are:

    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Lightheadedness
    • Diarrhea
    • Drowsiness
    • Cough
    • Mouth sores

    When to See a Doctor

    Overdose of Minocycline can be dangerous and it is necessary to consult your healthcare provider immediately if overdose is suspected. You must also consult your doctor before taking this drug for treatment of any bacterial infections.