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Ciplox is an antibiotic in a group of drugs called fluoroquinolones. It is used to fight bacteria in the body.
Active Ingredient: Ciprofloxacin
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Ciplox 500mg
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  • Ciplox and its uses
    Antibiotics are a general way to fight against bacterial infections. These antibiotics belong to fluoroquinolones group of drugs. Different types of infections can be treated by these antibiotics very effectively.
    What are the preconditions of using this medicine?
    This medicine should strictly be avoided if you are allergic to fluoroquinolones or if you are taking tizanidine, avoid ciplox.
    In case of antacids intake, you should not take the medicines that have magnesium or aluminum.
    Calcium or vitamin supplements, which contain zinc, calcium, or iron, should be avoided.
    Didanosine powder should be avoided.
    If you are on water pill, avoid this antibiotic.
    Anti-depressants can cause drug interference so a medical advice is mandatory.
    Caffeine intake needs to be restricted as it has more profound effect under the influence of this medication.
    Should I inform about my medical history to the doctor?
    If you are suffering from the joint problems, liver disease, kidney ailment, brain tumor, epilepsy, diabetes, hypokalemia, heart disorder related to rhythms, or a history of myasthenia gravis, you should inform your doctor for a safe medication.
    During pregnancy
    The effect of this antibiotic is not known on expecting mothers. In case you are a nursing mother, avoid taking this medicine.
    How to take this medicine?
    Proper prescription of a doctor can go a long way in treating you effectively and curing you from the disease. A doctor will tell you about the dosage and duration for which you will be on medication. You need to religiously follow what he tells you.
    Make sure you are not missing your dose. In case you miss that, take it as soon as you remember. Just decide on a schedule and stick to that, this will render the effectiveness of the entire treatment course ineffective.
    Swallow the medicine as a whole and do not break it.
    How to take the liquid medicine?
    If the medicine is in suspension form, take it through the measuring device. Shake the medicine well before use so that all the components mix well.
    You should not take the medicine through a feeding tube.
    Swallow the medicine quickly and do not chew the medicine granules in the liquid.
    Should I avoid going out in the sun?
    Sun exposure may be extremely harmful if you are taking Ciplox. Severe sunburn can occur while on this medication. In case you need to go out, wear a good quality sun block cream.
    You need to inform your doctor if you get the skin irritations in the form of itching, redness, rashes or burning sensation. 
    What are the possible side-effects?
    If you are suffering from the following symptoms you need to avoid this medicine:
    • Dizziness
    • Diarrhea
    • Convulsions
    • Depression

    There are some common side effects of Ciplox:

    • Stomach upset problems
    • Mild dizziness
    • Headache that remains mild

    How to store this medicine?

    Follow the instructions mentioned on the label. Keep the medicine in a place that is free from sunlight and moisture and keep out from the reach of children.