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Chloramphenicol is used to treat serious infections in different parts of the body.
Active Ingredient: Chloramphenicol
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  • What is Chloromycetin ?
    One of the synthetic antibiotics Chloromycetin is used to prevent the growth of bacteria. Chloromycetin prevents the production of the essential proteins which is important for the bacteria survival. Chloramphenicol is useful against H. influenzae, Neisseria species, lymphogranuloma-psittacosis group of organisms, S. typhi, E. coli, Rickettsia, and  Streptococcus species. To treat fatal infection Chloromycetin is usually used in different parts of the body. Combined with other antibiotics Chloromycetin is prescribed.  Nevertheless, this antibiotic is not prescribed for ordinary colds, other virus infections, flu or minor infections or even preventing infections. When there is any serious infection, Chloromycetin is prescribed. Now this medicine is likely to cause some side effects which are in some cases serious by nature. Without physician prescriptions, this drug can not be obtained.
    What dosages should I follow?

    • For mild disease 1to 2  drops of Chloromycetin is enough. When the diseases are severe you need to apply more than two drops but there should be 2 hours of interim gap in between the doses. Under physician, supervision drops can be applied on affected Eyes.
    • Apart from the eye drops there is an ornament which can be applied to the affected lowered conjunctival sacs during bedtime.
    • However, there is no verified report whether this medication should be applied on pregnant women or not but nursing mothers should not be consuming this drug as Chloromycetin is likely to enter breast milk.

    What side effects I may experience?

    • There are few situations, which may occur while taking this medication. Bloated stomach grey skin colours, uneven breathing, lethargy, unresponsiveness, low body temperature are few widely found Side Effects that this medication generates.
    • There are some less common side effects which when found doctor should immediately be contacted. Apart from that there are some Side Effects which are very common like headache, fever, eye pain, faint vision, or loss of vision, rash, mental confusion, diarrhoea optic atrophy.
    • In premature infants and neonates grey syndrome is widely common and it involves pallid cyanosis, abdominal distention, and vasomotor collapse causing untimely death.

    What precautionary measures should I follow?

    • However there are few precautionary measures that you should follow while being treated with  Chloromycetin.
    • When you are undergoing disturbed vision photophobia, eye inflammation,  severe pain suspecting foreign body in the eye, usual pupil, eye looks cloudy you should definitely contact your doctor.

    • When you had glucoma, dry eye syndrome, eyes surgery of any kind, using any eye ointment or drops, if youre using contact lens you should always tell everything about your medical history to the doctor.
    • However the drug should not be used for longer period. As prolong usage of this drug adds to of sensitisation and re- coming out of resistant organisms.
    • During infection if any infection is seen to be surfing out, the antibiotic should always be discontinued and without delay suitable measures should be taken.
    Now Chloromycetin  should be applied on those condition for which they are specified, it should be remembered that this drug is not meant for random usage.