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Ampicillin is an antibiotic from aminopenicillin group designed to fight with infections of stomach and intestines, middle ear, sinuses, bladder, and kidney.
Active Ingredient: acillin
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  • An Effective Medical Guide on Ampicillin
    Bacterial infections are widespread which are troubling a large number of people worldwide. If not treated properly, it may lead to horrendous disease and fatalities. There are number of antibiotics to treat these infections and each serves its own good purpose depending upon the suitability. In this guide, we shall elaborate on one such antibiotic called Ampicillin.
    What is Ampicillin?
    It is an effective antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections that affect the vital organs of the body like such as:
    • Respiratory tract:
    • Urinary tract
    • Meningitis
    • Salmonella infections
    • Endocarditis
    • Besides that, it is seen to be effective by the medical fraternity for treating the group B streptococcal infection in the newborn babies.

    Can it be used to treat viral infections?
    Infections caused by the virus require a specific type of treatments and this antibiotic is seen to have no effect in treating viral infections.
    How to take Ampicillin?
    This antibiotic can be taken through the following modes:

    • Orally
    • In the form of muscular injections
    • It can also be injected directly into the veins.  

    Which types of bacteria are treated by Ampicillin?
    This antibiotic can be used to treat two types of bacteria:

    • Gram positive
    • Gram negative bacteria

    The gram positive bacteria are those which include the bacteria like staphylococci, pneumococci and streptococci and are responsible for the causation of the following diseases:

    • Diphtheria
    • Anthrax

    The gram negative bacteria are those which are the causing factors of the following diseases related to:

    • Gastrointestinal tract infections resulting from the intake of contaminated food or water
    • Venereal disease
    • Bacterial Meningitis

    Besides this the diseases such as cholera and plague are too caused by the gram negative bacteria.
    The best part of this antibiotic is that it can treat even those infections which show resistant to antibiotics. For instance, diseases like meningitis, some urinary tract infections, and endocarditis. 
    How Ampicillin should be taken?
    Ampicillin being an antibiotic should be taken under a medical guidance and according to the instructions mentioned on the label of the medicine.

    • You should take this medicine with a full glass of water
    • Avoid the dose in case you have missed it, and it is the time for your next dose
    • Completing the full course is recommended because if you leave the medicine in between, your infection will become drug resistant
    • Pick a specific timing and take your medicine on the same schedule
    • Take it, half an hour before your meal and after two hours of the meal

     What are the safety measures that should be considered?
    You should make sure that you are not taking the medicine repeatedly. A long time usage of this antibiotic may cause a repeated infection. If the infection occurs second time, a different medicine will be recommended by the doctor.

    If you are taking birth control pills, then do tell your doctor about that too because these pills may not work with Ampicillin.